BHS Sonthofen Concrete Mixer


As the official EXCLUSIVE distributor of BHS Sonthofen mixing technology from Germany, PT. Detede provide a reliable mixing system. BHS mixers are known for its robust construction and reliable drive technology for excellent operational safety, energy efficiency, and long service life.


1. Gear box

The worm gears are specially designed for our twin-shaft batch mixer. They offer high efficiency and ensure long service life - even for extreme loads. The gear boxes are placed on the mixing shaft without a fixed connection to the mixing trough.


2. Electric Motor

We exclusively use high-quality motors for our twin shaft batch mixers. They have been specially designed for the mixing load cycles.


3. V-belt drive

The power transmission is effected by reliable V-belt drives. In order to ensure easy access for maintenance works, the V-belt drive is placed on the outer side of the drive system


4. Torque support

The adjustable torque support is used for the adjustment of the gear boxes. This allows a free suspension of the drive in order to prevent impulsive impacts within gears.


5. Synchronous

Coupling for synchronization of both mixing shafts, a low maintanance elastic coupling is used between the gears.


6. Shaft sealing/Shaft bearing

The mixer shafts are sealed with reliable axial face seals. The shaft bearings are spatially separated from the shaft sealing. As a result of this technical safe solution, the bearings and seals are easily accesible for maintenance work.


7. Fluid coupling (optional)

The hydrodynamic fluid coupling prevents mechanical as well as electrical load peaks. It is recommended in particular for critical electricity supply conditions.


BHS Award to PT DETEDE as platinum distributor



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