Dedicated Slipform Concrete Paver


Gomaco Dedicated Slipform Concrete Paver are available in 4 (four) Track and 2 (two) track configurations ranging from smaller paving width all the way to large scale paving width and depth. Gomaco dedicated slipform paver has been used widely around the world with experiences in prestigious projects such as airports, canals, tol roads, and many more.


Some of our slipform pavers are :

GP-2400, GP-2600, GP2800 and more which can pave up to ranging from maximum 7,5 to 16 meters in width. All pavers are configured in 4 tracks and can be optioned as 2 track pavers.


Commander III series multi purpose pavers which can be used as dedicated slipform paver, or convertible as curb and gutter pavers as well as barriers


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