Linnhoff Hot & Cold Asphalt Recycling Plant


LINNHOFF Hot Recycling Plant (HRC) and Cold Recycling Plant (CRC) are attachment systems to an asphalt mixing plant for recycling Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) gathered from excavated or milled asphalt pavement. With HRC system, RAP material is dried and heated up before being mixed with virgin aggregates in the mixer. While with the CRC system, RAP material is directly mixed in the mixer with virgin aggregates while being heated from the heat emitted from the mineral hot bins. A RAP crusher is required to break the RAP material into smaller sizes before being processed in the asphalt mixing plant. 


Model Percentage of RAP
HRC Up to 70%
CRC Up to 30%



  • Natural resources conservation
  • Cost saving
  • Pollutants reduction


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