Wetmix Mobile Concrete Batching Plant


Mobility was our concept in design without sacrificing ease of operation at the job site. Our Mobile Wetmix is designed exactly like a modular wetmix plant but mobility during its transport. We offer capacity ranging from 60 m3/hour - 90 m3/hour.


Quality manufacturing

All our Wetmix Concrete Batching Plant are produced in-house to ensure quality and precision. Plants are fitted and pre-assembled in the factory to ensure shorter installation process at every customer’s production facility


Modular design for flexibility

Modular design makes transporting plant easy and flexible. Every component are inside a module chasis that can be moved by cranes onto trailer truck for easy transport or shipment.


Superior Mixing System by BHS Sonthofen Germany

As the exclusive distributor for whole Indonesia for BHS Sonthofen Mixing technology, we provide the best mixing system in the business. BHS mixer are efficient and robust with long service life.


Fully Computerized Batching System

We provide all our plants with full automation batching and printing for accurate batching. Customers are able to save jobmix recipes, production, and data while enjoying a complete automated batching system with superb accuracy.


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